If you are under 18 years of age, please abstain.

MITOS Tempranillo
Mitos red tempranillo

Alcohol: 13
Acidity: 5.9
Sugar: 2
pH: 3.3

Mitos Cava BIO

Alcohol: 11.5
Acidity: 6
Sugar: 7
pH: 3.1

MITOS Macabeo Blanco
Mitos White Macabeo

Alcohol: 12
Acidity: 5.4
Sugar: 1
pH: 3.3

Herencia de Antaño

Alcohol: 13
Acidity: 5.6
Sugar: 2
pH: 3.1

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Antigua Bodegas Mitos

CONTACTO: Bodegas MITOS, S.A., 46357 Azagador(Requena) Valencia, España, Tel: +34 645803458 y +34 962300703 email: admin@bodegasmitos.com


2700 years ago, the Phoenicians started the production of wine in Requena and it continued.

The brave historical winery Cooperativa San Miguel del Campo was replaced by the modern winery Bodegas Mitos during the period 2011-2020

In a well insulated building, advanced wine preparation equipment was installed, all in stainless steel. High output cross-flow filter with ceramic membrane guarantees a perfect clean wine. A series of stainless steel deposits of 5000 to 200.000 liters conserve the wine in desired conditions of the safety and hygiene. Total: 4.300.000 liters.

Enologists control and adjust the wine parameters in laboratory equipped with FTIR spectrophotometers of fast high precision along with other instruments.

A robotized bottling line with a capacity of 5000 bottles/hour is well maintained and protected.

We select the grapes and the wines from the hundreds of farmers who work their vineyards.

The winery is surrounded by extensive vineyards in the small village of Azagador at 10 km from Requena, 70 km from Valencia and the Mediterranean Sea, at 700 m
altitude. The soil is loose marly sandy. The unique climate, 3000 sunny hours per year, dry, cold the night, warm the day, with tempered wind coming from the Mediterranean and moving to the dry interior to the west, is ideal for maturing and enriching of the grapes, thus allowing the production of naturally mature wine with no need for aging. This semi-dry climate is not favourable to the growth of fungi which
infect the grapes and require antifungal and pesticide treatment. Thus it is easy to produce BIO and normal wines

The wines pertain to and are controlled by the Denominacion de Origen Protegida (DO) of Utiel/Requena.

We decided to simplify the collection to BIO and classic wines for a better control and efficiency. They are outstanding.

We thrive to improve and maintain the high standards of hygiene and quality, and to protect the environment.


The white wine Herencia de Antaño is produced according to antique traditions whereby after fermentation the wine is bottled without filtering and with some yeast which continue slow fermentation in the bottle producing slight amount of CO2 gas
which give a fresh taste and helps the conservation of the wine against contamination by fungi or microbes.

Some yeast deposits sediment at the bottom of the bottle: they are benign.

We spare you the poetry about the wines. You try and decide.
These wines are possibly not the best in the world, or?

CONTACTO: Bodegas MITOS, S.A., 46357 Azagador(Requena) Valencia, España, Tel: +34 645803458 y +34 962300703 email: admin@bodegasmitos.com


The Management of BODEGAS MITOS, S.A., has established as a Food Safety and Quality Policy, to put on the market only safe products, of authenticity and quality and sufficient to deserve and achieve customer satisfaction, meeting their expectations, established requirements and current legal regulations.

As far as Occupational Risk Prevention is concerned, it seeks the highest level of safety and health for people at work, implementing the necessary improvement measures.

Convinced of the importance of the human factor in the development of our quality policy, we consider the involvement of all BODEGAS MITOS, S.A. staff to be essential in the implementation and maintenance of the Quality and Safety Management System.

The bases of the Corporate Policy are developed below and are backed by Objectives, compliance with which is regularly evaluated:

  • The correct development of the implementation of the Product Safety, Legality and Quality System is everyone’s responsibility and has the support and commitment of the Management.
  • The Management provides all the resources, both human and material, necessary to apply and improve the processes of the System.
  • Food safety is one more characteristic of the product that is our obligation to monitor and control.
  • Encourage the participation and motivation of the company’s people by fostering the media and forums that allow this aspect.
  • Promote relationships with your suppliers both to convey your own concerns and the needs of your customers in terms of food safety.
  • Disseminate a culture of Quality and Food Safety at all levels of the Organization, through continuous training and awareness of our staff in all the activities they carry out, related to the food safety of our products and services and of In the same way, guarantee the skills of our employees related to quality and food safety.
  • Compliance with current legislation regarding food safety, the environment, occupational risk prevention and the basic rights of workers.

Bodegas MITOS, S.A., develops its activity in the food sector and undertakes to inform its customers about any issue regarding food safety and quality that could affect them.

Since the management and improvement of our services is a responsibility of all the staff of Bodegas MITOS, S.A., this Policy will be made known to all workers through internal communications, ensuring their full understanding. Finally, Management appoints the person responsible for quality and food safety as its representative, in charge of supervising the implementation, maintenance and effectiveness of the Management System.

The Management undertakes to disseminate, implement and maintain this Corporate Policy.