The history of the winery dates back to 1957, when several villages of Requena region, known for its rich terroir and its extensive wine-growing tradition, came together to found a winery that was a territorial reference. Thus, the cooperative of San Miguel del Campo was formed, which would produce bulk wines to nourish many wineries in the region and throughout whole Spain with its excellent wines.
In 2011, after 54 years of history, this winery starts a process of reconstruction and modernisation. Already at the end of 2012, the new Bodegas MITOS was operational and it became the perfect junction between the know-how that characterized the ancient Bodega San Miguel and the innovation and modernity that transmits the reconstruction carried out.
With brand new facilities and the most up-to-date and extensive equipment in the region, the first wines of the new brand MITOS (already with international profile and high quality as the unic approach) were made, and in 2013 the winery would begin to distribute both in Spain and in different European countries.
In the following years, MITOS would continue its international focus by expanding its exports to new markets of the North, Central and Eastern Europe. By 2015, the company assumes the challenge of addressing different continents, harvesting great success in the Asian market.
In 2016, the company has a distribution of its wines in more than 20 countries a around the world and its wines continue to amaze in different international competitions.
The latest evolution of the company is completed with the launch of a range of ecological wines, focusing on organic production and taking it as the only possible alternative of this innovative winery.



Being an international reference of constant top quality Spanish ecological wines.


We make myths a reality. 100% organic quality wines.


We not only make an effort to offer the best wines to our customers, but also to achieve a personalized full customer relationship in which we work together in every market for the development of suitable products and to improve the exposure reputation and sales of our ecological wines.


Our winery is designed to achieve a high level of efficiency and productivity and to ensure a consistent and optimal quality in our wines vintage after vintage.


Produced per hour


Of the best american and france oak


Of vineyards between 15 and 45 years with the best varieties


Days of sun per year


Our machinery and equipment

Receiving Hopper and destemmer in stainless steel with large dimensions and capacity of
processing up to 50 tonnes of grapes per hour through a respectful and efficient process.

Tanks and Containers

100% Stainless Steel, with continuous inertization system and automatic temperature control. Latest generation Cross-flow filter with ceramic membranes. New generation Cross-flow filter with ceramic membranes.


Equipped with automatic infrared analyzer, spectrophotometer, equipment of analysis for all wine parameters and microbiological analysis.

Bottling line

Capacity for 6000 bottles/hour and robotic palletizing.


4.000.000 million of liters in stainless steel tanks.