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All our wines are produced under the highest standards of quality, the guidelines and rules set by the regulatory councils of denomination of origin:


Located at 700m above the sea level and 70km to the West of Valencia, it is noted for its well known tradition in the production of red and rosé wines full of character and suitable for ageing. This was one of the first regions in Europe producing wine, dating back to the 7th century b.c., as the amphoras found in the Iberian settlement of “Los Villares” in Caudete de las Fuentes or the anciant Iberian city of Kelin prove.

D.O Cava


Cava is a Spanish designation of origin of sparkling wine made by the traditional method, which is an adaptation of the method used to produce French Champagne, rather than a geographical area in particular. Thus, although most of the production comes from Cataluña, there are also producers of cava in Aragon, Extremadura, La Rioja, País Vasco, Navarra and Valencia.


It brings together a total of 13,000 hectares of vineyards along the four sub-areas that compose its territorial unit, resulting in a production of more than 650,000 hectoliters of wine each year. It is one of the regions that most export in Spain. In fact, much of the production of this denomination of origin is distributed in different foreign markets, being this the cause for its aromatic red, white, rosé, rancid, sweet, liqueur and sparkling wines to be more known outside Spain than in Spain.